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Writing articles requires a lot of research and writing time. If you want to support us for the time spent and the availability of these articles, you can do it in different ways.

In order to better serve you, we are looking globally :

  • To become independent to have the time to put more content online ;
  • To collaborate and interact with other editor, publisher, translator, companie ;
  • All elements allowing us to deepen our knowledge on the weapons, the shooting, the history of the armament, the history of the gunsmiths, the history of the techniques of manufacture, the design’s techniques of weapons and accessories. Our goal is the conservation of the gunsmith’s heritage ;
  • To acquire information enhancement materials such as : photo materials (lamp, tripod, camera, camera, …), software (video editing, photo editing, formatting of content, …) ;
  • To participate at some formations.

How to help us concretely, some examples :

  • Subscribe to the newsletter (registration) and receive the news of the site directly ;
  • Do not throw away your old magazines, books, catalogs, notices, donate to Gunsmith ;
  • Send us pictures of didactic weapons showing portions of the mechanism of your weapons with the exact model ;
  • Exhibitions of trade shows interest us ;
  • We would like to conduct interviews with collectors, commercials, gunsmiths, weapons engineers, to better understand their choices and their course ;
  • We would like to offer our articles in various languages. We are looking for volunteer translators ;
  • Errors can creep into our articles, if you notice these make us share, provide us with the elements that support our mistakes and we will rectify the articles concerned ;

This list is not exhaustive, it will be updated regularly as the needs and evolutions of the site.

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