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Gunsmith, graduated from the high school Benoit Fourneyron of St Etienne (France), I create this blog in order to spread technical knowledge on firearms, their accessories, their use.

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As and when my opportunities and discoveries, I detail weapons mechanisms that have a particular interest. Through the centuries, according to the spirit and the means of the time, very many mechanisms of weapons were invented. The inspiration for future articles is considerable.

The comparison of equivalent mechanisms but of different brands provides a lot of information on the choices made by designers and manufacturers to build their products. Thus, for a product of the same type and identical use (for example: two 22Lr rifles with bolts of different brands) the industrial choices can be extremely varied.

For each type of weapon, there is a master plan of technical progress. This thread begins with the design and realization with the means of the moment of a model that is out of the ordinary and becomes a commercial success: the first revolver, the first flintlock rifle, the first shotgun … If we roll the pelota from the beginning to the present day, we have before us the master plan of the advanced techniques for a given type of weapon. This path is punctuated by the innovations added to the original product. I want you to discover these advances.

This principle can be broken down by studying the master plan of the technical advances of a given type of weapon (ordonance rifles, regulatory weapons, etc.), for a defined period (from 1900 to 1950, from the origin to our days …), in a more or less large geographical area (country, group of countries, world …). This gives you various data that can be compared, exploited, interpreted. They shed new light on the weapon’s technique.

I would like to make my contribution to the armament industry extension by creating knowledge sharing so that everyone, you and I, can grow by communicating around our passion: the world of light firearms, which, I hope, will create gunsmith vocations.


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